How is our jewelry ethical? 

Beginning March 30, 2019 all of my products made with precious metal sheet will use Harmony Recycled Precious Metals which carries a certification as a responsible source from the SCS Global Services.​ Unfortunately, as of right now I have not found a responsible source for most findings and chains. I am currently committed to finding a solution to this problem.

Eco-Friendly Studio Practices

All of my products are made in Pittsburgh, PA in the United States of America. I am constantly looking for eco-conscious replacements for studio chemicals. Harmful chemicals are disposed of properly at the appropriate waste facilities in an effort to keep them out of our ecosystem. I am committed to eliminating paper waste through the use of washable towels. All studio equipment is turned off right after use to save energy and prolong it's life.​ Becoming 100% eco-friendly is my company's main goal and I am always working on solutions to reduce our carbon footprint